How to format windows 10 step by step

How to format windows 10 step by step: –  If your computer not running well and your computer getting slow then you need to format your computer. The format helps your PC in performing speed.If you want to format your PC ( only in windows 10 ) then follow this simple steps:-

How to format windows 10 step by step

Step 1: –  Click on start menu from your PC.

step 2: –  then click on setting icon. You can see these option bottom of left side.

step 3: –   Click on update and security.This is the last menu in the list.

step 4: –  Then click on recovery option from the menu.You can see an option on the left side.So click on it.

step 5: –  Click on reset this PC option.You need to click on Get Started.

step 6: –  select which option you want.There are two option 1. keep my files and 2.Remove everything.

description of two option: – Keep my files: – It remove app and setting but keep your personal files.It takes few minutes if you click on to keep my files.c Remove everything: – remove all your personal files, apps and setting.It may take few hours for completion.

Step 7: –  There are two option select one which you want.

1. Just remove my files: -This is quicker but less secure

2.Remove files and clean the drive: – This might take few hours.

Step 8: – Click Next.

Step 9: – Click on reset when prompted.

Step 10: – click on continue.


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