How to get more visitor increase traffic to your website

How to get more visitor increase traffic to your website: – So, Why we need more traffic? The answer is for increase ranking of your website.Or for branding or to generate more revenue.Ok, today I will share some amazing tips to get more traffic on your website.So, Let’s get started

How to get more visitor increase traffic to your website: –

1. Advertise: -Try Google Adwords. With Google Adwords, you can create Search ads, Display ads, Shopping ads for your ads.Even you can also advertise YouTube video and Android and IOS app.

2. Long- Tail Keywords: – Go for a long keyword it helps ranking in SEO.

3. Post your post on LinkedIn: –  LinkedIn is a huge platform for finding a job.But you can post your content on can get traffic from this as well as increase your profile visibility.

4. Email marketing: – Email marketing is the best way to drive traffic to the website.Make some subscriber and send every post link to the subscriber.

5. Make sure your site loading is fast: – make sure your pages are optimized. including image size, third party plugin, and structure of the page.

6. SSL certificate: – SSL certificate protects your site from hackers.It is used for to protect your customers or visitor information.Like personal or any bank details, emails etc.If you can SSL certificate then you get a higher ranking.

7. Get Social: – Create your Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn page.And post your content, Image, and videos on it.and get followers from there.Social media has huge visitors you just need to make followers.You can advertise your page and get followers in less time.

8. Good SEO score– make sure your post has good SEO score.At that time you need to write 300 words in your post.Add some images, video, and links in your post.


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