How to make Android app and make money

How to make Android app and make money – Today anyone can make an android app.If you are not developers then also you can make an app with some website.

How to make Android app and make money: – 

STEP 1: – How to make Android app:-

1.If you are a developer: – Then you can use Android Studio app for PC.

2. If you are not developer: – then You can make app with ( This is revenue sharing process )

STEP 2: – How to add the ad in App.

  • You need to sign up on AdMob. ( If you are using android studio then you need to add your ad code when to programming this app )
  • You can create your own ad in AdMob. ( If you are using apps geyser or other you need to add your ad code in Appsgeyser dashboard.

STEP 3: – When your app is ready then you need to publish it on Google Play Developer console ( Play store ).

What is a need for google play console:-

  • A google account
  • You need to pay $25 for one time.
  • And some basic information.

We saw that How to create Android app Also how to add ad code and How to publish it.


1. Paid app sales on Google play store: – Of course you can make money by paid app.All You need to do that add some extra features in this app.

2. Earn money from in app purchases: – It is commonly used in a game app.Like you can add a price for extra coins.It is considered an additional solution to generate revenue.

3. You can Earn money from the advertisement: – It is primary option to make money.You can use AdMob to add your ad code.For more information about how to add ad code then see STEP 2 in this article.

4. Making money with Sponsorship: – You can add sponsor advertisement in your app and make money from it.

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