How to set up Search Network campaign in Adwords for beginners  

How to set up AdWords campaign.So, First What is AdWords: – AdWords is Google software that runs ad all over the internet. You can advertise your video, products or your website on all over the internet.

What is Advantage of Adwords advertising: –

  • You can set up your target location.
  • Adwords best system that we can set your own budget.
  • An advertiser can set custom CPC ( Cost per click ).
  • The advertiser only needs to pay when someone clicks on your ad.
  • You get lots of sales, a visitor in less amount.

How to set up AdWords campaign for beginners: –

Step 1: – Open Your Adwords account.Make sure your display looks like this.In AdWords, you can set Search ad, Video ad, Display ad, Shopping ad and application ad.

Click on a NEW CAMPAIGN button.then click on a new campaign.


How to set up AdWords campaign
How to set up AdWords campaign

You get Five option on the screen: –

1.Search network: – Your ad appears on the search result.When someone enters your keyword or any matching keyword they can see your ad on the search result.

2.Display network: – Your ad appears on others website.When you browsing the website you can see there is some ad in side or middle of the website.They are displayed network.

3.Shopping ad: – You can advertise your product on shopping ad.Your ad appears on the search result.

If you want to advertise a product.You need Google merchant account.You can create from this link: –

4. Video ad: -You can advertise your Youtube video.Your video appears in Youtube search result, Youtube video, and other video partners and on Display Network.

5. Universal app: – In this option, you can advertise your Android and ios app.Your ad appears on all google Networks.

How to set up AdWords campaign for beginners

Step 2: – I will give you an example of Search Network ad.Ok, click on Search network first option.

You will get 3 Option: – 

1. Sales: – If you want to drive sales.

2. Leads: – To increase your potential customers.

4.Website traffic: – To increase your website traffic.

Step 3: – I will give you an example about Website traffic so, Click on Website traffic.

You need to enter your URL.That you want to advertise.And then click on continue.

Step 4: – You need to fill all information.

campaign Name, Location, language, Bidding, Daily budget and start and end date. 

Set Bidding as Manual CPC.

Extension: –

Sitelink Extension: – If you want to add site link extension just click on NEW SITE LINK EXTENSION button.

Callout extension: – You can add text call out extensions like Hurry Up limited sales available.

Call extension:- You can add your phone number.So customers can contact you.


Step 5: – You need to add ad group and Default bid.

Default bid: – When people click on your ad how much money you want to cut from your your budget is $50 then you can set $1.

You need to add keyword you get suggestions from the right side.

How to set up AdWords campaign
How to set up AdWords campaign

Step 6: – Click on Save and continue.Then create on NEW AD.

Final URL: -URL that you want to send customers.

Headline 1: – One line sentence of your ad 

Headline 2: – Your website name 

Display path: – Your URL.

Description: – Add some description about your service, product or website

How to set up AdWords campaign
How to set up AdWords campaign

Step 7: – Click on save and continue.Your ad is created.

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